Sushi time!

I really love making and eating sushi, so why don't try to crochet it!

On the blog of Nina Naaigaren I found a pattern for typical Dutch candies. This pattern inspired me to experiment with colors and rows.

For a maki sushi the pattern simply would look like this:
7 rows of 5 stitches with any color as a filling
21 rows with wite as rice
15 rows with black/deep green as the nori

Pattern maki sushi:
With pink (as salmon) chain 6
- Rnd 1: SC in second chain from the hook, SC across (5)
- Rnd 2-7: CH 1 and turn, SC across
- Rnd 8: switch to white, SC across
- Rnd 9-28: CH 1 and turn, SC across
- Rnd 29: switch to black/deep green, SC across
- Rnd 30-43: CH 1 and turn, SC across
- Fasten off leaving a long tail

- Start with the filling
- Roll it to make it a maki sushi
- Sew the last black row to the first black row
- Weave in ends

Happy crocheting!


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